Were you injured in an accident?

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Rear-Ended by a Tractor Trailer, Semi or 18 Wheeler?

No Fault of Yours? But Have No Credit Card?

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No Fault of Yours But Can't Rent A Car?

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Specializing In Rental Cars For No-Fault Accident Victims In Phoenix

Accident Rental Cars, Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, was created to meet a very specific need for people sustaining injuries in accidents in Arizona, who were not at fault, and who were unable to obtain a rental car through traditional means.

We found that about one-third of those involved in car accidents could not get a rental promptly after the accident occurred.  Whether these injured and innocent victims were hit by drunk drivers, truck drivers, commercial vehicle operators, or just a regular every day car driver who made a mistake while driving, the injured victim discovered after the collision that they couldn’t get a rental car. No Credit Card? – No Problem! We Can Help!!

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