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PLEASE NOTE: We Have Changed Our Phone Number To: (602) 980-6698


It is known that lawsuits involving commercial vehicles (semi trucks, taxi cabs, garbage trucks, delivery vehicles, or any company owned transportation or vehicle used for company business) can be very complicated and this is because multiple parties may be involved. The parties, which include drivers or employees, the company or owner, attorney and insurance provider, may be arguing for their own interests since money is at stake and all are looking for ways to get out of paying for damage and hold other parties accountable.

There are other times when the accident may not be any fault of your own but caused by the negligence in a maintenance or service of the commercial vehicle or your own car, such as brake failures, tire failure, or other issues. Acquiring the services of an accident attorney will ensure that you are not intimidated by large legal teams together with aggressive tactics since attorney uses extensive knowledge to develop a case strategy that identifies where the fault is at. You may have been doing everything right as per the traffic rules when the accident occurred but if you are not represented correctly, you may be charged for a number of offenses, which may eventually lead you or your insurance company to paying huge sums of money,, or failing to recover a rightful amount for your claims.

It is also important to get an experienced attorney who will ensure that you prevail in any accident case made against you, or at least limit your exposure to your insurance policy limits, so ensure that you do your research well.

If you need help finding an attorney with the right experience for your case, Accident Rentals can help you make the right choice. We can also help with your transportation rental needs while the fault is being sorted out and any investigation completed, with no credit card and no cash deposit required.