Attorney Car Rental Phoenix



Car rental companies usually give out their cars when the tank is full and ask that when returning back the car, the tank should be full; or have you return it with the same amount of gas it had when you rented it. It is important to fill it up yourself since returning it otherwise may result to you being charged a very high gas price to cover the rental company’s employee time to get the gas tank filled.

Returning the car

Always watch the clock so as to avoid late charges. Returning the car at the specified time will prevent you from being charged for an extra whole day or higher charge than what you originally signed up for.
Consider observing the above mentioned and you will be glad that you did!
No Credit Card/Debit Card or Cash Deposit?  No Problem.

If you don’t have a major credit card, a debit card with sufficient cash in the account, or a significant cash deposit, it is very difficult to obtain a rental car, even if the insurance company has agreed to pay for it.  Check with Accident Rentals to get pre-qualified for a rental with no credit or debit card, and no up front payment.