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People normally know what to expect when an accident happens in their own car but what if you are involved in an accident in your employer’s car, or your own car while on the job, and you get injured? Assuming you are not at fault, are you supposed to file a claim with your employer’s company under the car insurance, your employer’s worker’s compensation insurer, the at fault/adverse driver’s insurance or with your own insurance company? This may seem complicated which makes it important if that you acquire the services of an experienced lawyer. Often times, a driver who has gotten injured while on the job basically settles for only their worker’s compensation claim, and never realizes that they can make their own claim for additional amounts. The worker’s compensation claim can severely limit the recovery, as it includes a limited and partial payment for lost income, and pays nothing for pain and suffering. You should have an aggressive and experienced attorney to make sure all claims available to you are pursued, as you may have multiple injury claims to submit to potential insurance companies that could include:

The negligent driver’s insurance

  • Your company’s vehicle insurer (in addition to the worker’s compensation insurer)
  • Your own insurance company
  • The owner of the negligent driver’s vehicle if different from the owner, and his/her insurance company

If you are not sure who was at fault or you think there may be a combination of errors (yours and the other driver), and you do not know whether you can or should make a claim, you should not admit fault (liability Call on your lawyer and he or she will give you the various options available in regards to you bringing a personal injury claim. An experienced lawyer will fight for just compensation on your behalf for the purposes of ensuring that your rights are protected, and you get fair compensation awarded since he or she is well-versed with the whole process. This means that they are prepared to go to trial if possible so be informed today and you will be glad that you did!

Your Own Car In the Accident?
No Credit Card/Debit Card or Cash Deposit? No Problem.

If it was your vehicle involved in the collision while you were working, and you don’t have a major credit card, a debit card with sufficient cash in the account, or a significant cash deposit, it may be very difficult to obtain a rental car, even if the insurance company has agreed to pay for it. Check with Accident Rentals to get pre-qualified for a rental with no credit or debit card, and no up front payment.