Our Services

Accident Rental Cars, Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, was created to meet a very specific need for people sustaining injuries in accidents in Arizona, who were not at fault, and who were unable to obtain a rental car through traditional means.

We found that about one-third of those involved in car accidents could not get a rental promptly after the accident occurred.  Whether these injured and innocent victims were hit by drunk drivers, truck drivers, commercial vehicle operators, or just a regular every day car driver who made a mistake while driving, the injured victim discovered after the collision that they couldn’t get a rental car.  Typical reasons a not-at-fault person could not get a rental car include:

  • Not having a major credit card or cash to secure payment for the vehicle.  Even when the insurance company for the at fault driver has agreed to pay the rental company directly, most car rental agencies require that the victim provide a major credit card to cover any overages or non-covered expenses, or if there is no credit card, a substantial cash or debit card deposit.
  • Even when the facts appear to be clear, for example a rear-end collision, the at fault insurer will not provide the rental car payment until the investigation is complete, meaning that they can wait for the official police report to be available (ordinarily 2-4 weeks), and for interviews of any witnesses or vehicle inspections, or other details the insurer feels are necessary to complete its evaluation of who was at fault. Who can wait 2-4 weeks to get a rental car?
  • When an insurance company provides rental car coverage, it may be on a reimbursement basis, and they will not pay for the car until the victim has paid for it out-of-pocket, and then turned in the receipt.  This is fine and dandy if you have plenty of cash available, but often the victim is also missing work and losing income because of the injuries, and cannot afford to incur a major rental expense and wait for reimbursement.
  • People often purchase “full coverage” on their vehicle, to avoid delays and waiting for an at-fault person’s insurance company to pay for their vehicle and damages, only to discover after the accident that their “full coverage” does not include a rental car.
  • Insurance companies often will remove the rental authorization as soon as a total loss offer has been made, even though the severely injured person has not had time or the physical ability to look for a replacement vehicle, forcing individuals to give up their pre-paid rental vehicle before they have a replacement, or buy one without the needed time to make a wise vehicle purchasing decision.
  • If you don’t have collision coverage on your own insurance policy on your vehicle, most insurers will refuse to pay for the collision coverage on the rental, so you have to pay out of your own funds for this coverage, usually $15 or more per day, or drive a new rental car and be at risk for full payment for any damage to that rental car.  Most of us cannot afford to risk damage to a $15,000 to $25,000 rental car with no insurance coverage for those damages.

If you have plenty of cash and credit, then you don’t need the services of Accident Rental Cars, as you can simply go to one of the major car rental sources and get a regular rental, and pay for it as you go.  If you cannot pay for the rental until your case is settled, once pre-qualified, we can arrange for a rental car for up to 30 days, and wait for payment until the insurer pays for all or part of the rental, or until your injury case is settled.   There is no cash out of pocket, no up-front payment and no deposit.  In fact, we don’t even take credit cards, as we are paid only by the insurance companies and attorneys who collect from the insurance companies.

As an added benefit, all of our rental vehicles are full-size, four door vehicles, which seat at least five persons, and some have a third row of seating for large families (available on a first come first served basis).

If you are the victim of an injury accident that was not your fault, whether you were hit by a drunk driver, commercial vehicle, armored truck, garbage truck, semi truck, or just a regular driver, call today to get pre-qualified for a rental car.  You do not need to wait for the insurance company.