About Our Company

Accident Rentals Company, LLC was created to serve a need in the community for those injured in accidents who cannot get a rental car while the insurance companies wait for police reports, witness interviews, and otherwise complete their investigations. There are people whose suffering is increased because they lack transportation for medical appointments, to get to work and/or school, and all of the necessary things we do every day using our vehicle. Unfortunately, traditional rentals have required a credit/debit card or cash deposit, and often these terms prohibit a person who is injured, and potentially missing work while having extra expenses for medical care, from being able to rent a car.

Our simple qualification process enables us to get you into a rental car for up to 30 days while waiting for the insurance company to reimburse us at the completion of their investigation and handle your property damage (total loss or repair). When full payment through the at-fault insurer is not available, payment can be further deferred pending settlement of the injury claims arising out of the accident.

Our goal and purpose is to meet this urgent transportation need in a timely and compassionate manner, providing a method for people whose injuries were caused by someone else to promptly get into a rental vehicle.

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